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My first week of classes has been exhausting, and my homework and reading has already kept me holed up in my room for an entire Saturday, so I think my roommate thinks I'm either antisocial or just lazy and weird. To make matters worse (or better), I've got a job interview tomorrow morning, for a part time position teaching ESL at a school downtown. Not only would this be super exciting—I'd actually be using my degree, not something I was ever sure I'd be able to do—it's also the only callback I've gotten of any sort, after sending out a not insignificant number of resumes and hopeful emails.

So, uh, wish me luck.
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[personal profile] highways: why is this the focus of your story
[personal profile] highways: maybe it should be
[personal profile] highways: something
[personal profile] highways: nay, someone!
[personal profile] highways: else
[personal profile] thor: i should make the whole paper a montage of you getting hit in the face
[personal profile] thor: god, i could imagine it now
[personal profile] highways: ...

Los Angeles was an adventure—the train ride went more or less fine, except I didn't get any sleep, really, thanks to people waking me up. I made it to the job site fine, until I passed out in the car, then got woken up about fifteen minutes later ... but not really. Delirious and still effectively unconscious, I shambled across the parking lot carrying equipment back and forth, blocking traffic and staring blankly into space, and at some point became convinced becoming a zombie had had no discernable effect on my life and oh god, I continued this train of thought, why am I no different from a zombie?! And then about half an hour later I woke up sitting on a sidewalk going, wait, what?

(The next day, my brother whined about me making him work when his feet hurt. Me: "You made me work when I was sleepwalking yesterday." Him: "But that was funny!")

Our trip required us to stuff three adult six-foot-ish people into the cab of a two person pickup, and visit some of the worst neighborhoods in Los Angeles. We surveyed a bunch of Hollywood stars—like, the ones in the ground, they were on our job so we had to measure them—and got detoured by the Oscars. We got lost about four times, mostly due to me and my brother forgetting we were supposed to be watching the GPS, and told each other horrible gross out stories for entertainment because due to our proximity nobody could fuck around on their laptops or sleep. We were there from Friday until today, and I basically came crawling home, because god, I am so tired.

I've actually been writing, which is excited! But yeah I think I'm going to spend the rest of my night in bed reading comics or something else that doesn't require any brain power whatsoever.
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I work everyday for like the next thirteen days and supposedly part of that involves an overnight train ride from Tucson to the station by LAX (having worked a nine hour shift at my internship immediately before departure and beginning a ten hour shift surveying immediately after pickup). I don't think I'm gonna get a real job, or, at least, not anytime soon.

Technically I could get shit done tonight, especially since I don't gotta be at my desk until after noon—thirteen hours from now, pretty much forever—but yeah, all I did was watch television and fuck around on the Internet. My social life is basically nonexistent because whatever time I actually find myself at my apartment I spend lying on my side staring blankly at some screen or another. I keep thinking of like, changing that, since I mean I don't even need to get up to do that, I can talk to local people from the same laptop I use to contact my family or long distance friends.

Just ... so ... tired.
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Today's the first day in forever I don't have to either be at my internship or the job site in Chandler -- my dad actually wanted me to go home to Flagstaff this weekend, but I seriously didn't want to add another eight hour round trip on top of everything else. My folks want me to find a job in Flagstaff, which'll require me to commute between the two cities twice a week (they're more than 250 miles apart). Insane as that sounds, I'm actually considering it, FTR. I'm only in Tucson for four more months, and I'm not sure I'll be able to find anything that'll keep me on for that short a time. Applications for anything are always online these days anyway, so I'l do some applying I guess over the weekend.

It wouldn't be that different, in all honesty. I haven't really lived anywhere since 2008. It's actually why I picked this username. The subtitle should be, MY LIFE: IN TRANSIT.

The internship is going pretty great, I'm all kinds of competent! Well, not really. I prefer answering the phones to any kind of data entry, but I do a lot of both. I'm shit at offering a sympathetic ear but nobody's complained so far. I did 21 hours over three days there, which isn't usually going to be happening. I hate the formal clothes I have to wear. (I wear heels! Every day!) But I really feel like I'm helping people with what I'm doing, even if all I'm doing is connecting people with the other people who will actually do the helping.

[personal profile] unicorn got me this book called Internet Linguistics for Christmas, [livejournal.com profile] immelmanturn had pizza sent to our apartment last night in honor of my graduation. This means -- YES, YOU GUESSED IT -- pizza and reading all day, that is my plan. And maybe some laundry and completely thoughtless video games.
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In your own space, post a rec for at least three fanworks that you have created. It can be your favorite fanworks that you've created, or fanworks you feel no one ever saw, or fanworks you say would define you as a creator.
For the Fandom Snowflake Challenge, which I am attempting to do in honor of my New Year's Resolution to write more! A lot more. I also joined [community profile] inkingitout. I am going to write the shit out of this year, and if I fail I will totally hate myself.

My favorite three fics I think are "Don't Touch That Dial" (Transformers/Supernatural), "Word Association" (Iron Man) and "Back In 2256" (Star Trek XI).

Starting tomorrow we have a huge project in Chandler, Arizona, that my brother and I are both going to help with, which means I'm not going home until, geez, at least two weeks from now? I had no idea I'd be staying with my family for almost a month. The only reason I'd probably be going back when I am is I have an internship starting on the 14th. I'll talk about that later, probably behind a flock, since I honestly have no idea if I should be talking about it on the Internet publicly or not.

I submitted my application to the University of Hawaii! I still need to send them my paperwork, and I'm still so nervous about my grad school prospects (or lack of them, it feels like) that I could just die. Excellent!


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