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Women's foooooootball. The USA plays Columbia tonight! It's hard to get as psyched for the Women's World Cup as I was for the Men's World Cup, just because part of the psyched-ness comes from everybody else being psyched at the same time, and that is just not happening. CURSE THE PATRIARCHY. Anyway the games are just as exciting as last summer's—also so far I haven't seen a single person fake an injury, man. Which actually makes it more exciting because when somebody goes down and doesn't get up you're all, oh no! /grabs face

Speaking of which, the news programs here are way less squeamish about showing certain footage than I remember them being back home. A week or two ago me and my friends were eating dinner at the 鹵味 place around the corner, sitting right in front of TV watching the news, when they showed a traffic cam video of some pedestrian totally geting mowed down by a truck. CUE THE CHORUS OF GIRLY GASPS THEY PROBABLY HEARD ACROSS THE STREET. It was horrifying. We were horrified.

I have sat on my ass and done nothing but read comic books and watched soccer games and talked to people I like for two days straight. I should feel awful about myself, but I actually feel awesome and cheerful and shit. I'm thinking about taking off tomorrow and maybe hitting up the east coast, I don't know, but for the moment the lack of stress and sleeping whenever I want seems to be doing me a lot of good.
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My roommates and I don't travel a whole lot—we have a ton of responsibilities in Taichung, like jobs and schoolwork and nearly everybody we know in Taiwan lives in the city, so we don't get a ton of chances to leave it. This weekend all that changed. Well okay not really, we just had spring break and unlike a lot of the exchange students, who saw this as a chance to spend a week and a half wandering the country, we were excited for the chance at a block of two whole days in which we all could get out of town. Well, us and our friends K. and F.

So we went to Kending! Kending is a national park and a popular tourist spot located at the very south of Taiwan. Okay, in all honesty I spent a lot of the trip extremely unhappy. I had anxiety issues galore and I hate how I look recently, which was exacerbated from the regular "mild life irritation" to "mild psychological torment" by my friends literally taking hundreds of photos over the course of the trip while talking constantly about clothes and makeup and spending significant amounts of time braiding each other's hair.

But otherwise! We went to the beach and we saw this lighthouse that the Japanese and Americans made the Taiwanese build (I guess they were sick of their boats crashing into the rocks) and we went to the aquarium and saw many bizarre creatures. I learned that sting rays have terrible flattened faces if you look at then from underneath, and I bought this kid's Oxford Encyclopedia—basically this but in Chinese—which I carried with me throughout the rest of the trip to read. I can understand it!

On the way back we got stuck in Gaoxiong for about four hours, so we took the MRT and hit two night markets in the city, including the apparently well known Liuhe night market. It's famous for food! Which I did not really eat, but we did get these rolls that had garlic and butter inside them, they were pretty good. I really like Gaoxiong, I wish I could spend more time there.

And then we were home! Where I proceeded to sleep for like, the next two days straight, because I am a useful person and the world is lucky to have me.

As you can see I've totally given up on Taiwan's romanization. Pinyin, man, I swear it won't kill you guys.


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