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I just posted but this is totally different. I AM RE-SEMI-OBSESSED WITH JACKIE CHAN AGAIN.

Jackie Chaaaaaaaaaaaan. Keep in mind this is back when he never used wires ever. HOW IS HE STANDING UP IN SOME PLACES???

I am pretty sure he is my favorite performer. I mean, he is a really, really talented performer. HE EVEN SINGS. (He actually typically sings the theme songs to his movies in China, or at least he used to.) On that note, I really wish Little Big Soldier was released in the States and I wish I had it on DVD, which I probably would had it been released in the States. It's really good, man. A decent professional subtitling job would be nice, even, so I could show it to people who don't speak Chinese.

ANYWAY, I mean I love Jet Li, and Donnie Yen, and a bunch of other kung fu stars and I don't really care who'd win in a fist fight but seriously can anybody beat Jackie in a charisma fight. I do not think so.

It's also pretty amazing that I can (sometimes) understand him in his native language now. Another way learning Chinese has made my life more awesome. Random fact: his native language is Mandarin by the way; he was born in Hong Kong but to parents who were Chinese refugees so he speaks both Mandarin and Cantonese.

But yeah I am a raving fangirl. I should ramble about how amazing Jet Li is sometimes, though; I mean I can do that too.
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Let's just get this out of the way now since I'm capable of talking about very little without invoking 飛輪海's adorable ... whateverness. I'll get back on track with serious reflection, you know, someday.

Went for Japanese with friends from Thailand and Korea—depressingly, some of the conversation went, "Oh, wow, Brittany, you like SHINee?" Seriously, if I had never come to this country, in some ways my life would be different, I am just saying. In some significant ways. I can't actually eat sushi and the restaurant served nothing else, so that was sort of a bust, until we found a Baskin-Robbins that for some reason doubled as a Japanese import store...? Whatever, we don't need to make sense of it, what's important is that inside they had a magic product I have missed, a drink I was moaning about this very morning to [personal profile] thor on the phone. They had Mountain fucking Dew. Japanese Mountain Dew, sure, but how different could it really be? I bought three cans at some outrageous price I wasn't even paying attention to.

And it was terrible. Cruel fate, how could you do this to me. It's like giving me a Dominos delivery place around the corner that won't make cheese pizza! —oh, wait, you did that, too.

I'm actually having a lot of trouble eating lately. I figured that getting used to the food might make me a little sick for a while, and I figured that eventually my stomach would adjust, because what choice does it have? I didn't even consider the possibility that, after getting violently ill only ... okay, several times in rapid succession, my stomach would be all, "Yeah, fuck this, I'm out." Everything tastes like gruel and about half of the time I am awake I feel like vomiting is in my immediate future. To be honest I'm only managing to choke down just about the bare minimum required to live and have been doing so for about a week now, but uh, we don't need to spread that around. I'm surrounded by friends constantly but no one person can see what I'm doing all the time so waving off concerned questions isn't impossible, it's just difficult. "Oh, right, I'm not hungry, I got something with K. Oh, hi, K! Oh, it's fine, I'm going to eat with N. later tonight! N! Yeeeeah, I've actually got stuff back in my room, but thanks! Oh, I'm fine, I'm totally fine, 好好, 謝謝." Pretty much I am a liar. Who lies.

It just seems more polite than, "Leave me alone, or I will throw up all over your face."

I GUESS I'M GOING TO AN INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL LATER? Oh and I'm totally a professional English teacher now, but that pretty much sums that up and I'm now running out of room. Deleting the music video at the beginning would help with this, but no, I can't, never.

Edit: Oh my god internet if Donnie Yen is in a movie you have to tell me immediately what is this. What is this.
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Despite my best efforts, [personal profile] climax has dragged me into the Inception fandom even though I think it's an incredibly overrated, ridiculous and silly movie that probably would've been three or four times better if it'd ripped of The Matrix all the way instead of only halfway—the Wachowski brothers realized what they were making and used their "science" to create a few of the greatest action set pieces of all time (OF ALL TIME), while Christopher Nolan gave us a fantastic thirty-second no-gravity fight scene and spent virtually the rest of the (long, very long) movie drowning in Leo DiCaprio's angst.

Unfortunately I love the characters. Against my will, man.

My second language acquisition course was canceled so I feel like I have even less to do day to day, and I hope my German course isn't canceled also 'cause that'll put me below full time and I'm having enough trouble with financial aid already, I don't know what this will do to me.

So since I have nothing to Mondays anymore I spent yesterday watching Chinese flicks with K., including Little Big Soldier which basically reinforced my love for anything Jackie Chan. K. is giving me an appreciation for Wang Leehom, and Donnie Yen will always hold a special place in my heart, and I respect the legend and Jet Li is technically fucking amazing but oh my god, I love Jackie Chan so much. Seeing him fight makes me smile.

You may have been unaware of the fact that you have a serious Hong Kong kung fu geek on your reading list. Now you know!


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