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Yeah so in the last few months Super Junior has basically become my main fandom. My life is kind of stressful at the moment, I guess, and busy, so I don't have time to like write anymore and I can barely keep up with any rp but it's still fun to look up performances or have my sister text me pictures of adorable boy bands being adorable (it helps that I'm only like three months older than Sungmin so I'm in the literal middle of all their ages and I don't feel like too much of a weirdo, either.) AND SO, A POST OF MY FAVORITE SONGS.

Nearly everything in here is going to be Super Junior covers, Super Junior remixes, or done by subgroups who are in fact only a fraction of the band. Not that this is indicative of what I think about most of their music, or anything.

i'm sorry sorry sorry sorry )


I have some taste. I think. Maybe.
highways: [Super Junior's Siwon, chin in his hand.] (SUPER JUNIOR ☌ 從頭到尾)
I still hate Joss Whedon.

I thought Prometheus was pretty hilariously bad, like, bad to the point of loud laughter in the theater at multiple points, but this appears to be a minority opinion. I might have actually liked it anyway, there's tons of terrible campy scifi movies in my favorites lists, but it's so pompous it's hard to actually enjoy on, well, any level, except I guess visually. The effects are pretty good. But, seriously, this is a film in which characters with any sense of self-preservation whatsoever are basically painted by the narrative as freaks. I could argue for calling nearly every onscreen death a suicide.

Speaking of stupid science fiction, I have high hopes for the Total Recall reboot.

The romance subplot on Legend of Korra sucks a lot and it's actually killing my interest in the show. I'm starting to hate it whenever Mako does anything, because it's always gonna be a romance related thing and ick. And Asami's fabulous and deserves better than this jealousy bullshit okay.

Me and [personal profile] thor watched 華麗的挑戰 (Skip Beat!) just to watch Choi Siwon and Lee Donghae's glorious faces for fifteen episodes, and mission accomplished, we finished it this afternoon. Now I'm not sure what drama to start next, either 痞子英雄 (Black and White) or 籃球火 (Hot Shot). The first one is actually supposed to be good; the second one has Show Luo and Wu Chun. Hmm...

My Chinese is actually improving, I think, but go figure, I do hours of Chinese stuff every day, even if it's just watching dumb clips of 100% Entertainment on Youtube. I'm not sure I'll even be able to afford to take more Chinese courses at UHM next fall, but I do know my Chinese isn't nearly where it's gotta be. 加油, self, 加油.
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So I had a long, long entry written out, then my computer crashed and DW didn't save my draft. (DW has been betraying me a lot today, since all my icon meta data got wiped out this morning.) So! Much shorter, this time, and without my thoughts on Legend of Korra or the Avengers.


I'm still pathetically taken with Super Junior, it's pretty sad. Only their Chinese stuff, because I don't speak Korean—and, well, most of them don't really speak Chinese, either, but somehow that makes them more endearing to me. I don't mean that in a patronizing way; more like, I can so relate to this situation. My favorite is Kyuhyun (圭賢 in Chinese) and he endeared himself to me by being so intensely determined to express himself in Chinese even when he's sucking at it, and I am like, kid, you're a rock star, I love you.

I'm moving in a couple weeks, my friend [personal profile] unicorn is coming Saturday to stay with me and [personal profile] climax for a week and a half, my internship wraps up tomorrow—basically stuff is ramping up to be really busy in the next few days, which means I need to get off my ass and clean shit. And laundry! And probably throwing a ton of crap away, because I'm basically moving into a closet at the end of the month, and then Hawaii in August. The more useless things I can shed, the better.


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