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I spent most of last week sick in bed, and since whatever cold I had was somewhat triggering to my asthma (which, due to finances, I currently manage with a combination of self-diagnosis, other people's medication, and hope) I've spent quite a lot of time lying in bed recently. This is how I learned that walking through a doorway causes your memory to basically do a soft reset, which is easily one of the most revelatory facts I've ever read. ("What did I go to my bedroom for, again? Didn't I need something in here?") I've also taken this time to become embarrassingly invested in the Legend of Korra and in the Mandarin speaking branch of Super Junior. I've written fanfiction and made myself a new Tumblr.

So, all in all, I've been incredibly productive ... if we define productivity as the complete opposite of what it actually means.

But that's likely going to continue, since I have absolutely nothing serious scheduled in the near future. My internship ends next week, which is straight up bizarre, and this weekend I'm going to see my family because my father, mother, and brother's birthdays are all within the next week. And tonight is the Avengers! The MCU was my main fandom for a while but Joss Whedon is my mortal enemy, and I am still cautiously pessimistic. Regardless, I'm seeing the midnight showing with [personal profile] climax and [personal profile] chelicerae. Hopefully it won't make me want to put out my eyes or cry endless tears!
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Okay, so, Captain America. I'll be honest, I absolutely love Marvel comics, I absolutely love shared fictional universes, and I absolutely love action movies, so I love love love the Marvel Cinematic Universe to a embarrassing degree. So you should probably take it with a grain of salt that I loved Captain America too. onwards! )

I have been hanging at my parents' house in the gap between living in Taiwan and living in Tucson, and it's actually been pretty nice; I've gotten most of the stuff I absolutely had to do before moving done, and I've been reading a ton, mostly all comics and old science fiction. I've got a place lined up with my friend [livejournal.com profile] asgardianing and a cell phone that works and will get me the Internet, and accordingly I am more often on Twitter and pretty much constantly on Gchat, but way less on the computer. I go like days without using the computer, it's pretty nice to be honest.

But I'm working! And reading and working. Hopefully saving up enough money to live through my last semester of college, that would be pretty cool.

And I just found out the sum total of all my student loans (thanks, FASFA!) and I'm pretty sure my degree's cost more than I'm worth. Like, you could buy me for less than the price I paid for three years at a public university. I would be sad about this but when it comes to my education and the price thereof I have transcended sadness. I am zen.


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