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Despite my best efforts, [personal profile] climax has dragged me into the Inception fandom even though I think it's an incredibly overrated, ridiculous and silly movie that probably would've been three or four times better if it'd ripped of The Matrix all the way instead of only halfway—the Wachowski brothers realized what they were making and used their "science" to create a few of the greatest action set pieces of all time (OF ALL TIME), while Christopher Nolan gave us a fantastic thirty-second no-gravity fight scene and spent virtually the rest of the (long, very long) movie drowning in Leo DiCaprio's angst.

Unfortunately I love the characters. Against my will, man.

My second language acquisition course was canceled so I feel like I have even less to do day to day, and I hope my German course isn't canceled also 'cause that'll put me below full time and I'm having enough trouble with financial aid already, I don't know what this will do to me.

So since I have nothing to Mondays anymore I spent yesterday watching Chinese flicks with K., including Little Big Soldier which basically reinforced my love for anything Jackie Chan. K. is giving me an appreciation for Wang Leehom, and Donnie Yen will always hold a special place in my heart, and I respect the legend and Jet Li is technically fucking amazing but oh my god, I love Jackie Chan so much. Seeing him fight makes me smile.

You may have been unaware of the fact that you have a serious Hong Kong kung fu geek on your reading list. Now you know!
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This afternoon I was IMing [personal profile] unicorn and [personal profile] thor and I put my head down on my keyboard, and when I picked it up again it was an hour and a half later and after I worked out the what the fuck happened? where the hell am I? I had to go to German. Which is, by the way, Taiwan's one opportunity for me to feel superior, since as much as its grammar might kick my ass on a regular basis, in my class I am the only person who's a native speaker of a Germanic language—except, maybe, the professor, I don't know where she's from—plus English has a vocabulary overlap with German of like, sixty percent. Basically I know more than everyone else in the classroom by doing nothing, studying nothing, just by existing. This makes me feel super smart even though I did nothing to earn it.

In all other circumstances I am an illiterate idiot. One who can segment Chinese, though. Even if I can't understand it any better than I could when I got here three weeks ago, which is frustrating, I know my subconscious is up to something because word boundaries are super obvious to me now, I can recognize other non-native Chinese speakers by their accent, and really the whole language sounds a lot different than it did before.

And writing in English gets harder all the time. This entry? It took me forever, and I know the wording in places is awkward as hell. It's probably because I haven't had an actual face-to-face conversation with another native English speaker in days, but goddamnit, I have been here for three weeks. THREE WEEKS. It's like my brain is all, fuck this, DIVERT RESOURCES, SHE DOESN'T EVEN USE ENGLISH ANYMORE ANYWAY.

Edit: BEHOLD, A FANDOM LINK, "Hey, Inception Fandom. Let's talk about Yusuf for a minute." by [personal profile] effex. Yes, lets. Includes a bunch of fic recs I'll probably check out tomorrow, because tbh he's one of the few characters in that movie with a distinct voice at all. So far I've only really read fic about him actually.


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