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In your own space, post a rec for at least three fanworks that you have created. It can be your favorite fanworks that you've created, or fanworks you feel no one ever saw, or fanworks you say would define you as a creator.
For the Fandom Snowflake Challenge, which I am attempting to do in honor of my New Year's Resolution to write more! A lot more. I also joined [community profile] inkingitout. I am going to write the shit out of this year, and if I fail I will totally hate myself.

My favorite three fics I think are "Don't Touch That Dial" (Transformers/Supernatural), "Word Association" (Iron Man) and "Back In 2256" (Star Trek XI).

Starting tomorrow we have a huge project in Chandler, Arizona, that my brother and I are both going to help with, which means I'm not going home until, geez, at least two weeks from now? I had no idea I'd be staying with my family for almost a month. The only reason I'd probably be going back when I am is I have an internship starting on the 14th. I'll talk about that later, probably behind a flock, since I honestly have no idea if I should be talking about it on the Internet publicly or not.

I submitted my application to the University of Hawaii! I still need to send them my paperwork, and I'm still so nervous about my grad school prospects (or lack of them, it feels like) that I could just die. Excellent!
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First week of school: defeated!

Had actually a pretty cool day at school today—after Chinese me and some classmates went to visit our first Chinese instructor's office hours, and I had an actually conversation in Mandarin with her, which was pretty amazing. She's actually Taiwanese, so she wanted to hear about the night markets and stuff. Man, I can speak Chinese! It is such a bizarre realization sometimes.

What I can't speak is Spanish.

Tomorrow I'm going to drop into No More Deaths and get trained to refuel water stations in the desert. I hope I have time throughout the semester to follow up and volunteer. I don't have a car but they meet about five minutes from my place by bus and I don't have any lab work during the weekends so, we can hope!

Still following up on all the shit I need to get done to graduate in the winter.
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I've officially and successfully petitioned the college to raise my credit limit, registered for every class, and gone to all of them too. Everything seems doable! The one class I was dreading, Spanish literature, has been replaced with Spanish phonetics, which sounds awesome and should also improve my terrible pronunciation at the same time. I have my first lab meeting on Friday for the research project I'm going to be involved in. Not gonna lie, I'm a little worried about the work load I'm looking at—but I'm on track to graduate in December. Next up is my degree check!

I have pretty much nothing else going on in my life. My apartment is nice and comfortable and barely furnished, but I sort of like that. My cat might like it here. I have no idea.

Taking the bus sort of sucks, though. It is so hot! It is so ridiculously hot.
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Okay, so, Captain America. I'll be honest, I absolutely love Marvel comics, I absolutely love shared fictional universes, and I absolutely love action movies, so I love love love the Marvel Cinematic Universe to a embarrassing degree. So you should probably take it with a grain of salt that I loved Captain America too. onwards! )

I have been hanging at my parents' house in the gap between living in Taiwan and living in Tucson, and it's actually been pretty nice; I've gotten most of the stuff I absolutely had to do before moving done, and I've been reading a ton, mostly all comics and old science fiction. I've got a place lined up with my friend [livejournal.com profile] asgardianing and a cell phone that works and will get me the Internet, and accordingly I am more often on Twitter and pretty much constantly on Gchat, but way less on the computer. I go like days without using the computer, it's pretty nice to be honest.

But I'm working! And reading and working. Hopefully saving up enough money to live through my last semester of college, that would be pretty cool.

And I just found out the sum total of all my student loans (thanks, FASFA!) and I'm pretty sure my degree's cost more than I'm worth. Like, you could buy me for less than the price I paid for three years at a public university. I would be sad about this but when it comes to my education and the price thereof I have transcended sadness. I am zen.
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I basically want to read Ultimate Spiderman again just because the thought of Peter Parker, Johnny Storm, and Bobby Drake all being roommates apparently is just awesome and hilarious to me. Unfortunately after Ultimatum I want to cross myself when encountering anything from that entire line.

Yesterday was graduation day! I don't really know a lot of people graduating so I didn't go to the ceremony, but we did go afterwards and take pictures and stuff. This one guy I sort of know got his PhD. Whenever somebody tells me they're getting/have gotten their PhD my first reaction is always, "Wow, I can't believe anybody would voluntarily go to school for that long, but here you are!" Which is a reaction I suppress, as that is probably not what they what to hear.

[livejournal.com profile] fromtheflag made me watch the newest South Park and omg.

I keep getting minor panic attacks and I have no idea why. They don't even upset me exactly (unless I immediately find something to attach my upset to, which I will try, IT IS SO BACKWARDS) because I am pretty aware that they are not caused by anything actually happening to me, but it's like holy crap it's all the physiological symptoms of panic ALL OF THEM. This like, three times a day. Four times, today, if you count the actual panic where I stepped off the steps leading up to my bed and onto nothing at all. IT WAS LIKE I WAS FLYING. Except for the part where that's probably fun.

I need a haircut so badly I'm tempted to take the scissors into my own hands, operating on the premise that it couldn't possibly look any worse. But that's not true. That's never true.

This was supposed to be a short entry IF YOU MADE IT TO THE END YOU ARE REWARDED WITH THIS LINK. This is a cover of 王光良's "童話"—if you can't read that, just know it's like, a super famous song over here. Except this cover is in English! And then they play the violin! And then the trumpet! Or something! To be honest the original version is good for a laugh if you're interested, too. (Note: this is not the intended reaction. But apparently I'm not the only one that thought so.) It's a good cover, but you'll be pretty surprised to learn that the lyrics sound even more insipid in Mandarin, I am pretty sure.
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One of my (American) friends the other day described my Chinese as "completely conversational", which is such a lie, I mean, it might look like from on the outside, I have no way of verifying that, but on the inside, there is so much effort happening. It's terrible. And I frequently talk like a five-year-old, no joke. Lots of people I know speak basically fantastic English (and I'm obviously referring to people who learned it as a foreign language, here) so calling my terrible Chinese anything but terrible seems pretty dishonest and wrong. I NEED MORE PRACTICE. Years and years of practice.

Speaking of which, here is a hilarious Mandarin version of Who's On First ("誰在一壘?") UNFORTUNATELY CHINESE SUBS ONLY sorry. It's an especially awesome thing and actually, super obvious to translate, because the routine is maybe the closest equivalent to traditional Chinese standup comedy, 相聲, (usually translated as "crosstalk").

最近我倆位老師她們很喜歡給我們看相聲。要是我在美國的話,我會說they're vastly overestimating our abilities。你們大概已經知道我的個性沒那麼開心,可是這是台灣,在這裡我其實應該更相信她們的看法ㄟ。所以呢,每次我好好試試聽那個相聲⋯⋯聽者聽者⋯⋯結束是我一句話也聽不懂。反正我哪裡看起來好像那個加拿大人大山啊?怎麼會聽得懂!(因為⋯ 我不是加拿大人⋯對啊。)反正呢,不過今天老師給我們看上面的那個相聲,然後發生了一個奇蹟。我聽懂了啦!那其實是因為我有聽過美國版好多次,但那不重要。重要的事,我明明中文講得跟超人一樣好。明明啊!


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