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[personal profile] thor asked me translate Han Geng's new song and so I did. Lyrics are all in simplified characters even though I usually use traditional, because I could only find it in simplified and I didn't want to manually change them all or run them through Google translate. The pinyin is generated by Google translate, though. Typing pinyin out is terrible.

Naturally I am not a native speaker and there could well be mistakes. There's another translation floating around that's pretty good but more figurative (and makes me wonder if I'm just understanding it completely wrong) but this is more literal. IT IS STILL MISSING SOME PARTS but brb gotta rewatch the MV ten thousand times.

面具上画着小丑不是一只老虎 )
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I spent most of last week sick in bed, and since whatever cold I had was somewhat triggering to my asthma (which, due to finances, I currently manage with a combination of self-diagnosis, other people's medication, and hope) I've spent quite a lot of time lying in bed recently. This is how I learned that walking through a doorway causes your memory to basically do a soft reset, which is easily one of the most revelatory facts I've ever read. ("What did I go to my bedroom for, again? Didn't I need something in here?") I've also taken this time to become embarrassingly invested in the Legend of Korra and in the Mandarin speaking branch of Super Junior. I've written fanfiction and made myself a new Tumblr.

So, all in all, I've been incredibly productive ... if we define productivity as the complete opposite of what it actually means.

But that's likely going to continue, since I have absolutely nothing serious scheduled in the near future. My internship ends next week, which is straight up bizarre, and this weekend I'm going to see my family because my father, mother, and brother's birthdays are all within the next week. And tonight is the Avengers! The MCU was my main fandom for a while but Joss Whedon is my mortal enemy, and I am still cautiously pessimistic. Regardless, I'm seeing the midnight showing with [personal profile] climax and [personal profile] chelicerae. Hopefully it won't make me want to put out my eyes or cry endless tears!
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I basically want to read Ultimate Spiderman again just because the thought of Peter Parker, Johnny Storm, and Bobby Drake all being roommates apparently is just awesome and hilarious to me. Unfortunately after Ultimatum I want to cross myself when encountering anything from that entire line.

Yesterday was graduation day! I don't really know a lot of people graduating so I didn't go to the ceremony, but we did go afterwards and take pictures and stuff. This one guy I sort of know got his PhD. Whenever somebody tells me they're getting/have gotten their PhD my first reaction is always, "Wow, I can't believe anybody would voluntarily go to school for that long, but here you are!" Which is a reaction I suppress, as that is probably not what they what to hear.

[livejournal.com profile] fromtheflag made me watch the newest South Park and omg.

I keep getting minor panic attacks and I have no idea why. They don't even upset me exactly (unless I immediately find something to attach my upset to, which I will try, IT IS SO BACKWARDS) because I am pretty aware that they are not caused by anything actually happening to me, but it's like holy crap it's all the physiological symptoms of panic ALL OF THEM. This like, three times a day. Four times, today, if you count the actual panic where I stepped off the steps leading up to my bed and onto nothing at all. IT WAS LIKE I WAS FLYING. Except for the part where that's probably fun.

I need a haircut so badly I'm tempted to take the scissors into my own hands, operating on the premise that it couldn't possibly look any worse. But that's not true. That's never true.

This was supposed to be a short entry IF YOU MADE IT TO THE END YOU ARE REWARDED WITH THIS LINK. This is a cover of 王光良's "童話"—if you can't read that, just know it's like, a super famous song over here. Except this cover is in English! And then they play the violin! And then the trumpet! Or something! To be honest the original version is good for a laugh if you're interested, too. (Note: this is not the intended reaction. But apparently I'm not the only one that thought so.) It's a good cover, but you'll be pretty surprised to learn that the lyrics sound even more insipid in Mandarin, I am pretty sure.


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