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I find the linguistic situation in my dorm room fascinating. We're from the United States, Thailand, and Japan, and everybody in the room speaks English and Mandarin to varying levels of ability. So basically, there's an informal sort of language that we speak that's a mix of Mandarin and English vocabulary, and with a grammar that doesn't really resemble either. One sentence that totally blows my mind is, "I'm no garbage now!" because I'm the one that said it. (In context, it meant that I'd taken out all of my garbage finally and I didn't have anymore.) I'm a native speaker of English! And it's just linguistically interesting. How'd I even generate that? I think what it really means is, "I'm in the state of having no garbage." That just doesn't come from English, that is not how we construct that thought. So where'd I learn it? I have no idea.

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Pretty much everybody we met in Tainan was an asshole, it was sort of astounding. One family had me pose in their family photos in a "wow, we caught us a foreigner!" sort of way (we'd had zero interation beforehand, and they completely ignored my friends who were obviously with me and also foreign) and one tea salesman, knowing nothing about us, gave us a long lecture on how my Chinese was pretty good but that was just to segue into how my friends' Mandarin needed work, what with them being from Hong Kong and all (?!).

We visited some temples and then decided between an art museum and the zoo. The art museum was closer, though it turned out to be a compromise between the two, since it housed the largest taxidermy collection I have ever seen, or ever, frankly, imagined to even exist. It was all housed in a weird corporate building and they made us go through an orientation in a special room before they'd even let us inside, and they apparently had some corporate connections and were trying to sell us their flat screen televisions—it was all sort of strange. Despite what it sounds like, and I don't actually know what it sounds like, they had a pretty extensive collection of a lot of shit. Like a whole floor devoted to antique, ancient, and rare musical instruments that I thought was pretty cool.

Dreamwidth requires me to log in again all the damn time now, like on every new page. Totally irritating though IDK if it's on my laptop's end or the site.

Have discovered MUCC, which apparently is going to be one of those bands that I can't believe I ever lived without.

Got a 98 on one of my midterms, holy crap. Mostly I'm glad my transfer grades don't matter, especially since my attendence this semester is shit, but sometimes it makes me go nooooo.
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❡ Since it's [community profile] three_weeks_for_dw, I am actively looking for people to add! Hurrah. Unfortunately that's a bit harder to do here than it would be on, say, Tumblr. On Tumblr you can just add anybody you think is interesting but on DW I never know if people will be creeped.

❡ Tomorrow me and roommates are taking a spontaneous trip to Tainan!

❡ Spent the day in bed listening to and watching various podcasts. Surprised myself by chosing Mundo de Microbios and a bunch of random shit in Japanese. Also discovered I can pretty well understand Slow Chinese despite the Beijing accent—which incidentally is a podcast I'd recommend to intermediate students of Mandarin. It's talks about stuff like Marco Polo and Chinese history and stuff.

❡ The Foreign Service Institute courses (used to train diplomats and members of the Peace Corps) are larely available for free online. Naturally they are dry as fuck and probably require a working knoweldge of how languages and language learning work to use, but resources for languages like Thai or Vietnamese or Yoruba are not exactly overwhelming as it is, so they are nice in this way.

❡ Scored two CDs full of Mandopop by ~various artists~ many of whom I already know (Jay Chou, Rainie Yang, Wang Leehom) but many I don't! I EXPECT TO ENJOY NEW AND GLORIOUS ARTISTS.


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