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Yeah so in the last few months Super Junior has basically become my main fandom. My life is kind of stressful at the moment, I guess, and busy, so I don't have time to like write anymore and I can barely keep up with any rp but it's still fun to look up performances or have my sister text me pictures of adorable boy bands being adorable (it helps that I'm only like three months older than Sungmin so I'm in the literal middle of all their ages and I don't feel like too much of a weirdo, either.) AND SO, A POST OF MY FAVORITE SONGS.

Nearly everything in here is going to be Super Junior covers, Super Junior remixes, or done by subgroups who are in fact only a fraction of the band. Not that this is indicative of what I think about most of their music, or anything.

i'm sorry sorry sorry sorry )


I have some taste. I think. Maybe.
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Oh god this fucking song kills me. Learning the lyrics makes it worse.

就算世界 與我為敵 我超喜歡你
超喜歡你 不能分離 我只相信 這個真理
百無禁忌 萬夫莫敵 我超喜歡你
我萬萬不能清醒 終於不想清醒
根本不用清醒 這個惡作劇

Even if the whole world's against me, I'm in love with you
I'm in love, I can't believe it, I can't leave you, can just believe this
I'll banish the ten thousand things between us, I'm in love with you
I absolutely can't think clearly, finally don't want to think clearly
I can't use rationality at all, this is a joke

Probably a shitty translation, since how much I don't speak Chinese is well established, but, geez. Kills me. The speed at which I'm falling for the pop culture here should probably worry me; I wasn't into it back at home, like at all.
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Tonight I got to see an Asian superstar in person, which totally didn't impress me at all because I never heard of Wang Leehom (王力宏) before I got to Taiwan—even though the guy was born and raised in New York. But I didn't realize how American the guy really was until he talked in person; he didn't speak in English but he was tired and distracted and had this accent when he was speaking Mandarin and I'm not even sure what it was, but something about him was like, DUDE, you are ONE OF US.

Then I watched some Youtube clips of him in Thailand and he's all, "I'm like, so fascinated just, like, looking at the writing, but it's soo hard to write. You got like—it looks like a math equation... I wish I could read this."

So American. I feel such kinship with all Americans.

I'm trying to participate in [community profile] origfic_bingo. I'm so bad at writing lately, and in the last several months I have managed one half of one bad Inception fanfiction. Since one of my classes was canceled I mean, I should have tons of time—it doesn't feel like I do, and I'm probably going to start tutoring people in English and I want to join this club that helps out some local aboriginal people. So much stuff man. I will never run out of stuff I want to do here. BUT MAYBE I'LL GET TO THE WRITING. MAYBE.

I can't stop listening to this horrible K-pop song, I think it's killing me from the inside. I know I saw it in the States before but it's fucking everywhere here, it was only a matter of time before I encountered it again. Repeatedly. The local supermarket actually has it looped on their television displays, where it's been playing continually for, uh, several weeks. I can't believe anyone still works there.


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