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Oh god this morning I feel so much better it's honestly a relief—like, I didn't feel like I was walking on air or anything. In fact I hit my snooze button twice and then dragged myself out of bed in order to be ten minutes late to my morning Chinese class, where I passed out on my desk during break. But! That's actually very normal. I was totally normally tired and irritable for most of the day and I made it to all of my classes, my biweekly language exchange and I even squeezed in watching Thor: Tales of Asgard again with [livejournal.com profile] asgardianing. It's still just as terrible, and man if I was still into fandom I'd totally app that Loki somewhere. He is so adorable. He'd find an MCU!Thor and make this face at him and LOLs would be had by all.

On the more serious side of the news, I'm unwitting carrying out what I have decided to call the Headphone Massacre. Three pairs in the last two weeks have been destroyed by me somehow, and two of those were brand fucking new. Well I know how, I sat on one and bit through the wires of another and I stepped on the cord of the last ones while I was standing up, ripping the headphone jack out completely. Now I have no headphones and I want to replace them so I can actually listen to my iPod, but would I be buying a replacement, really? Or would I be buying another victim.

Someday I am going to do a longass anal THE MORE YOU KNOW: LINGUISTICS post on why "I could care less" and "I couldn't care less" mean exactly the same thing and linguistic prescriptivism in general, but I have an exam tomorrow so today is not that day.


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