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the (terrible) music of Super Junior.

Yeah so in the last few months Super Junior has basically become my main fandom. My life is kind of stressful at the moment, I guess, and busy, so I don't have time to like write anymore and I can barely keep up with any rp but it's still fun to look up performances or have my sister text me pictures of adorable boy bands being adorable (it helps that I'm only like three months older than Sungmin so I'm in the literal middle of all their ages and I don't feel like too much of a weirdo, either.) AND SO, A POST OF MY FAVORITE SONGS.

Nearly everything in here is going to be Super Junior covers, Super Junior remixes, or done by subgroups who are in fact only a fraction of the band. Not that this is indicative of what I think about most of their music, or anything.

I should probably start here, even though it's not their first song or last song or best song or my favorite song or anything; it's just ridiculously representative. Sorry, Sorry was a massive hit—so much so that their company decided to never make another music video ever for them; instead they just do this again with slight variations. Which is sad, because if you take the variation and variate that you have a song I actually love to listen to.

Part of the joy in this performance is, I admit, watching some of them really take to this hard rock remix (like Siwon and Yesung), and watching some of them look as out of place as you'd actually except them to (Sungmin and Ryeowook). Besides that, it's still a good song. Like [personal profile] thor pointed out, playing the chorus in double time is such an improvement.

Super Show 4 In Osaka also has another one of my favorite Super Junior related performances, Henry's solo stage.

I could probably write an entire post about the absurdly talented Henry Lau, the official baby of the band, and how SM Entertainment is shooting themselves in the foot by not using him and Zhou Mi in everything they can (this is crazy I know but when you put really musically talented people into music things it improves the final product). Instead, the two of them are basically guest stars, only showing up when they're doing their Chinese activities. So mostly Super Junior does their own thing and in the meantime Henry does ... whatever Henry does. I know it occasionally involves screwing around making covers with his friends in NYC and using English to excellent effect in solo tracks for Super Junior M(andarin) albums.

Unsurprisingly, SJ-M was my gateway into this mess of a musical act, and their music is actually perfectly decent as far as Mandarin pop is concerned. They're the only section of Super Junior where I've actually got all their albums, can listen to most of their songs, and I watch their variety programs, too. (SJ-M on Show Luo's show is my favorite thing in the world.) SJ-M has most of the talented singers, most of the interesting people, they appear to get better writers (Jay Chou did one of their songs, IIRC), and even for the stuff they write themselves they seem to do it better.

Super Junior M isn't the only subgroup—there's also Super Junior T(rot), the theme of which is "people who aren't in Super Junior M" (though Eunhyuk and Sungmin have since been promoted into SJ-M). SJ-T doesn't have many of the people I care about in it so I've watched very little of their non-musical stuff, though if Rokkugo is any indication being hilariously bizarre was their thing.

My favorite part about them is that since KRY's not around (Kyuhyun and Ryeowood were both in SJ-M and Yesung was nowhere to be found), my bb Sungmin gets to be lead singer and he does a great job, especially in the song above. And despite the fact that I just spent several paragraphs implying that pretty much everybody with actual musical talent is off somewhere else while SJ-T is performing (and except for Sungmin this is for sure the case) I actually like their music a lot. It's kind of a homage to old Korean trot music and it's way more musically interesting than the standard Suju pop stuff.

Not all of which is actually terrible, I hasten to add. Sure, the vast majority of everything they make a music video is, that's true. But they actually perform one of my all time favorite songs—like, something on my actual list of favorite songs, not my list of songs I listen to a lot but am ashamed to admit to actually liking.

A lot of really catchy pop music, I've noticed, actually has stuff to recommend, though. Even if a song is on the surface say obnoxiously repetitive techno with screwed up Japanese lyrics that weren't even that great in the original Korean and sung by a band that only has one person that speaks more than four words of Japanese in it anyway—if I find myself listening to a song like that over and over again, there's actually usually something redeeming about it. (Not always...) This is why covers of stuff are like my favorite things, shoving music into completely different genres can be so enlightening. For instance, put this song on the piano and play it in a major key and...

Listen to how pretty that is! Geez.

Don't Don is pretty hilarious by itself—it's Henry's first performance with the band doing his own weird violin + dancing thing, and he's a baby, and they're all babies actually, and it's all DARK and EDGY and they made up their own SUPER COOL dances and they have eighties haircuts and everybody's screaming and there's like implied warfare or something as they all run around panicked, I don't even know. (If you don't see why that's hilarious, then I don't know what's wrong with you.) However, the updated performance they do at concerts sometimes in recent years is basically the best fucking thing they've ever done as a band.

While I don't have nearly enough faith in SM Entertainment to really appreciate the high suspension of the people the company appears to consider the stupider, more expendable members of the band, that minute of hard rock in the middle is my favorite thing of all time.



I have some taste. I think. Maybe.

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