highways: [Jiro Wang and Aaron Yan, two members of the Taiwanese band Fahrenheit.] (飛輪海 ☌ 大東跟亞綸)

I have no idea who that man is. Well, I do, that's John Cho but I don't know who he's playing. And holy shit, who cares, right? They could probably make an entire television show of him just doing that over and over again.

I'm pretty sure my Chinese during the day improves remarkably if I start the morning off with a bunch of my obnoxious Mandarin pop rock and about an hour of simultaneous tedious book learnin'—I've come to this conclusion after about an lot of experimenting with the pop rock, let me tell you. And speaking of that, I need to know a whole lot more of those songs, because right now I suck at KTV even more than I'd suck if I wasn't a gratingly awful singer. I'm a gratingly awful singer who can only sing every other word.

My friend K. told the middle-aged ladies we were karaoke'ing with that I'm in love with 汪東城 and then proceeded to play everyone the music video where he disturbingly stalks a girl and then, enraged, strips all his clothes off in the shower. How hilariously mortifying. The lyrics to that song are amazingly creepy and disgustingly catchy, so we constantly torment each other with just three words from the chorus: "留下來." ~Stay with me~.

I know jack fucking shit about what's going on in the United States right now, politically or otherwise. Jack shit, except I guess the San Francisco Giants are doing pretty well right now? This is what happens when I only hang out with one American. Anyhow it's starting to make me feel weird and vaguely worried. I know the news is just a Google search away, I feel sort of disconnected, like it's not really as real to me anymore because it's not happening to or around me in the same way. Which, it's not, but I should still Google more man.


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