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DARTH VADER from the PLANET VULCAN ([personal profile] highways) wrote2012-01-21 01:02 pm
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no we can't stay here.

Today's the first day in forever I don't have to either be at my internship or the job site in Chandler -- my dad actually wanted me to go home to Flagstaff this weekend, but I seriously didn't want to add another eight hour round trip on top of everything else. My folks want me to find a job in Flagstaff, which'll require me to commute between the two cities twice a week (they're more than 250 miles apart). Insane as that sounds, I'm actually considering it, FTR. I'm only in Tucson for four more months, and I'm not sure I'll be able to find anything that'll keep me on for that short a time. Applications for anything are always online these days anyway, so I'l do some applying I guess over the weekend.

It wouldn't be that different, in all honesty. I haven't really lived anywhere since 2008. It's actually why I picked this username. The subtitle should be, MY LIFE: IN TRANSIT.

The internship is going pretty great, I'm all kinds of competent! Well, not really. I prefer answering the phones to any kind of data entry, but I do a lot of both. I'm shit at offering a sympathetic ear but nobody's complained so far. I did 21 hours over three days there, which isn't usually going to be happening. I hate the formal clothes I have to wear. (I wear heels! Every day!) But I really feel like I'm helping people with what I'm doing, even if all I'm doing is connecting people with the other people who will actually do the helping.

[personal profile] unicorn got me this book called Internet Linguistics for Christmas, [livejournal.com profile] immelmanturn had pizza sent to our apartment last night in honor of my graduation. This means -- YES, YOU GUESSED IT -- pizza and reading all day, that is my plan. And maybe some laundry and completely thoughtless video games.