highways: [Art of Dante from Devil May Cry, such a close up you can tell he forgot to shave.] (DEVIL MAY CRY ☌ kirisute gomen)
DARTH VADER from the PLANET VULCAN ([personal profile] highways) wrote2012-02-21 11:19 pm
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if you got a problem, love to help you solve them.

I work everyday for like the next thirteen days and supposedly part of that involves an overnight train ride from Tucson to the station by LAX (having worked a nine hour shift at my internship immediately before departure and beginning a ten hour shift surveying immediately after pickup). I don't think I'm gonna get a real job, or, at least, not anytime soon.

Technically I could get shit done tonight, especially since I don't gotta be at my desk until after noon—thirteen hours from now, pretty much forever—but yeah, all I did was watch television and fuck around on the Internet. My social life is basically nonexistent because whatever time I actually find myself at my apartment I spend lying on my side staring blankly at some screen or another. I keep thinking of like, changing that, since I mean I don't even need to get up to do that, I can talk to local people from the same laptop I use to contact my family or long distance friends.

Just ... so ... tired.

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