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I made another Tumblr for linguistics related things!

I also totally screwed up my first assignment this semester, which was supposed to be a short paper on any topic of phonology of any Austronesian language in any of the regions randomly assigned to me, which were the islands of Taiwan, Sumatra, and Java, basically. So when I discovered the Javanese script -- writing systems geek that I am -- I was like, booyah, I'll write about Javanese phonology and how Javanese phonological rules are expressed with it. That sort of thing is super awesome and interesting to me, especially since the writing system is derived from Indic writing and was not at all designed to work with Javanese.

... Yeah, it turns out that's not exactly the kind of paper you just bang out in a couple weeks. Hell, nearly all the literature on Javanese appears to be in Dutch and German, thanks to the colonial history of the region, and even working with the materials I was able to find in English (a couple of hand typed dissertations from the sixties, mostly) it's not exactly a simple topic. I could probably write a term paper on this. Or not, since I'm kind of starting to doubt my own competence, here.

But, yeah, sigh. You live and learn, I guess. I hope the prof respects the fact that the idea was (in my opinion) pretty damn cool, because I have no idea what I'm gonna actually be able to present in terms of hard facts this Friday.

I'm not the greatest at grad school, I'm pretty sure.
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So crazy it just might work?

[personal profile] jae 2013-01-30 04:44 am (UTC)(link)
I'm a linguistics professor who is fluent in both Dutch and German and who will be in Honolulu briefly from the evening of February 14th until noon on February 15th, and then again for a bit longer from the afternoon of February 23rd through to the evening of February 24th. If you wanted, we could meet up briefly and I could do the skim-and-summarize thing for you. :)

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Re: So crazy it just might work?

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Oh, wait a minute, this isn't an end-of-term thing, but a now thing? Never mind. :)

Good luck, though!