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DARTH VADER from the PLANET VULCAN ([personal profile] highways) wrote2012-08-20 11:30 am

you make my heart heart heart beat! everybody lets pa-pa-party!

Damn, have I really not made a real update in two months?

I live in Hawaii, now! I've lived here for about three days? I've walked an average of maybe six miles on each of those days, and not doing fun touristy stuff, more like trying to register for classes or how to get to Walmart to buy essentials. I did find a beach in Waikiki yesterday, and stood in the ocean for a minute or two (I don't actually own a bathing suit at the moment) and I walked aimlessly around the giant Ala Moana mall that I guess is a bit of an attraction. Mostly though I've been tired and somewhat miserable, which sounds super ungrateful when, hey, I live in Hawaii, but the adjustment's been pretty surprisingly rough.

Not helping is the fact that I forgot a lot of stuff in Arizona. Like, for instance, the power cord to my laptop.

I'll update more about my living arrangements later, I guess -- I live in a very crappy house in one of the more terrible sections of Honolulu, apparently, but there's some cool stuff too. Like the languages. In my neighborhood you hear a lot of Korean and Indonesian, and on the island in general there is a fuckton of Japanese, it's awesome.

Today I have to take a final exam I haven't studied for -- it's in phonetics, so I technically got an A on a similar test before ... like, a year and a half ago. Aha. If I can get a B or better I get to take something cool in addition to all my introductory courses, and if not, well, introductions are fine, too.
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[personal profile] jae 2012-08-20 10:27 pm (UTC)(link)
I'm sorry you've been miserable! Is there any way of getting out of your crappy house?

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Well, then it sounds like things could very easily improve! Here's hoping, and good luck! Keep us up to date, okay?

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Hope your mood improves a bit, and you find somewhere better to live.

And man, that's annoying, forgetting your laptop lead (and whatever other things you left). I hate that nagging feeling of, "I'm sure I forgot something" and then it turns out to a) be true and b) something REALLY important.

Good luck with the phonetics exam!
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You're welcome. Glad everything's getting better for you c: