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DARTH VADER from the PLANET VULCAN ([personal profile] highways) wrote2012-01-23 02:29 am
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i never thought about no future, it's just a roll of the dice.

I'm not sure why I go through the effort of maintaining such large and meticulously organized icon collection, I guess it is just ... habit, from back when everybody comment spammed on LJ. ALSO THEY ARE PRETTY? I don't know how often people use screenreaders for icons, but I thought the field was a neat idea so I tried to fill it out in as useful a way as possible.

My roommate [personal profile] climax asked me if I wanted to maybe roleplay with her again, since I'm, you know, graduated, my schedule is wide open. So I said sure that sounded fun, and I apped at [community profile] exitvoid and have rediscovered all my love for Devil May Cry, it is super embarrassing. And just in time, too, I guess, since they're rereleasing all the games in March. I don't think I can afford them but [personal profile] reign can't play them all at the same time!

My worsening asthma messed up my sleeping schedule something fierce this weekend. I was having trouble breathing Saturday which left me in tired and disoriented, so I used my nebulizer to do a round of albuterol which left me breathing but even more disoriented and also shaky and pissed off, so I staggered to my room and slept until eight pm. So then I was up until five that fucking morning and this is all gonna be awesome when I have to get up at six-thirty tomorrow for work. I don't think I updated about this but during finals week last December I woke up choking, completely unable to breathe (at the time, I considered it God's last chance to try and sabotage my Chinese grade) which was an awesome experience that I loved. That hasn't happened since but I haven't really gotten better either. I don't want to go to the doctor and can't afford to either, but I don't want to end up in the ER (which is apparently where I should've gone when I woke up choking, but GDI I was not missing my Chinese final.)

The litany of small stresses is also causing my OCD symptoms to worsen slightly. Instrusive thoughts are never fun but luckily they're only at the point where I can go, "Haha, you crazy brain, you."

Basically tl;dr, MY LIFE, IT DOESN'T OUTRIGHT SUCK it is just uncomfortable in a boring way right now. I guess.

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