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DARTH VADER from the PLANET VULCAN ([personal profile] highways) wrote2020-06-11 01:24 am
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⁜ I am Brittany!

This is me. Now you know me better.

⁜ I'm also [livejournal.com profile] rocknload, [archiveofourown.org profile] shibboleth, [tumblr.com profile] captainfuckingkirk, [plurk.com profile] deathbystereo, and [twitter.com profile] sameoldstory.

⁜ I run [community profile] mandarin101 and [community profile] en_espanol. My other communities are for my writing, [community profile] shibboleth, and roleplaying shenanigans, [community profile] tumult.

⁜ I have moved a lot. I was born in Los Angeles and lived there until I was seven. After that: Big Bear Lake, California, Gilbert, Arizona, Flagstaff, Arizona, Okayama, Japan, Taichung, Taiwan, Tucson, Arizona, and currently Honolulu, Hawaii. Okayama was only for a summer but it made a huge impression on me, and Taichung was for two semesters of college. Now I live with my roommate [personal profile] climax and my psychotic cat Quincey Morris. I'm moving to Honolulu, Hawaii, in August. I'm now renting a room in a house in Kalihi, and looking for something closer to campus for next semester.

⁜ I studied linguistics and languages at the University of Arizona. My native language is English; I've also studied Mandarin, Spanish, Japanese, and French. I understand these languages to varying degrees, but the only one I can really speak without mental agony is Mandarin.

⁜ I'm now a graduate student at the University of Hawaii at Manoa, studying linguistics: specifically language documentation and conversation. Like most of the people in my department, my area of interest is Chinese and Pacific languages.

⁜ My interests are reading, writing, obsessively looking up facts on Wikipedia, music, comic books (which is still reading I guess), travel, interrogating people on their personal linguistic histories, politics, politics, and also politics.

I'm currently an intern for a politician; I've also worked as a land surveyor for, wow, probably ten years at this point. I'm trying to get another job that pays steadier for but now I still work as a surveyor whenever I get a chance.

⁜ My ultimate goals in life are to 1) graduate with an undergrad degree in linguistics, 2) go to grad school, 3) ???.

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